Drew Baron                   

Producer, Director, Editor, Photographer, Videographer  

"I don't buy the Jack of all trades master of none thing. I think its the    opposite. Being cross trained is the key to making a successful project. If you put your heart into the projects you do, and actually do the work, your project will succeed. If there is a through line between all of my work, it is that I take    pride in what I am doing. It doesn't matter the size and scope of the work, treat everything you do with respect."


Since graduating from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Media Arts in 2011, Drew has worked as a professional media producer for web, mobile, and broadcast content for marketing, education, and entertainment. In addition to being the Media Production Coordinator for the Columbia Museum of Art, with freelance clients in both the business and non-profit sector, as well as with artists and filmmakers to tell stories through visual media.

Drew has worked on a number of creative productions in various roles ranging from camera department and dolly operation, editing, and above the line positions such as line producer, 1st Assistant Director, and Unit Production Manager. My credits include multi-time Webby award winning series, an international awareness video for the World For Refugees foundation, and award winning interactive media for museums. His photography has been printed both locally and internationally for news and enterainment media.